Groom Preparation Pointers

Groom preparation is just as important as bridal preparation. The preparation stage is when you have photographers take your photos of you and your bridal party getting ready before heading down to the ceremony on your day. Let’s start by giving you some pointers on preparation. 

Tip 1: Tell your groomsmen to come early to get ready

Tell your grooms me to arrive early so that the photographers could capture those special moments between you and your family and friends. Even though some of your men may be running 15-30min later than expected, that’s okay.  They could just show up in their pants and dress shirts already on to take a couple of shots before you guys go on your way down to the ceremony. 

Tip 2: Don’t let your Groomsmen “Ghost” 

Your wedding day preparations can become hectic so let’s try not to add onto that hectic day by having   one or more men disappear all the time. That is what I mean when I say “Ghost”. It is when 1 or more of your groomsmen disappear leaving you alone. Your men should be close by you because it’s your day. So if you can try and have the men all stay in the same room throughout the preparation photography session, it would be a success. 

Tip 3: Choosing a getting ready location 

If you can, choosing a location for getting ready which is closer to the wedding venue would be really effective in keeping the wedding day timeline/ itinerary efficient. The good thing about being closer is also the reduced travel time. You never know what you can encounter on the road like traffic, accident etc. But most of all you should choose closer locations so your photographers could capture all those special moments without having to rush. 

Tip 4: SLEEP  

I could not stress this enough, GET SOME SLEEP. Try to wind down early the night before your wedding day.  You don’t want your photos to come out with you having bags under your eyes right? I hope not. Try not to have a bachelor party the night before as well, if you can. You wouldn’t want to show up to your wedding the next day with a black eye or a sprained ankle if you know what I mean, especially when you have men in your bridal party who love to celebrate and party. (I had first had experience). An idea that I could recommend is going for a nice massage by yourself or a couple’s massage that could help you unwind and relieve some of the stress before your upcoming big day. 

Tip 5: Popping the champagne 

All eyes will be on you, when you pop the champagne. During your day of preparation, there are a few things to remember. Do not open to bottle when you are fully dressed in your wedding attire, try to open the bottle before putting on that white dress shirt or tuxedo jacket so that you don’t end up spilling some of the champagne on it.  Try to always eat either before or after you pop that bottle especially if you are getting married in a church. It is best to not consume too much alcohol before the ceremony. 

Tip 6: The Best Man

Are you in a dilemma for whom to ask to be your best man? It could be a tough decision. (Especially when you have a lot of best buds or family members) but alongside the bride choosing her maid of honor, it is one of the most important decisions you have to make. Choose a friend or family member who is not only reliable but also who would be there for you in times of stress.  Someone you could trust at your bachelor party for it to not get to out of hand as well as getting you to the ceremony/reception on time, and of course the one who makes the funnies speeches (that won’t upset the elder family members).