Bridesmaid Dress Advice

Although some brides choose to have the same color for their bridesmaid dresses, ideally some also know that girls also have different body types and styles that best suit them which may not all come in the same color, shade and style. In my experience it was pretty hard to find the same style of dresses in the same color that flatter all the ladies, unless they are supermodels with the same body structure and appearance. So why don’t I give you some tips on how to proceed with your bridesmaid dresses! 

Shopping tips

  • Begin shopping at least 4 to 6 months prior to the wedding. You would want to allow enough time for alterations and fittings.
  • Consider your bridal party. No two bodies will look the same in one style of dress or feel equally as comfortable in the same silhouette. Stores will have dresses in different sizes, as well as most bridal stores carry sample bridesmaid dresses as well. If the dresses don’t fit properly do not get discouraged. The store usually measures you and suggests a size that would fit you the best based on those measurements. If the size is too small they will suggest sizing up, or if the dress is too big they could suggest going between two sizes as well. 
  • Be upfront about the cost. Sometimes being a bridesmaid can be expensive, have a conversation about what each lady can afford. 

Bridesmaid Origin 

The most common theme these days is to match the bridesmaid dresses. The tradition of having bridesmaids actually goes back to Ancient Roman times. The law at that time required for 10 witnesses to be present at the wedding. So the reason that they had to dress similarly (At that time, to dress like the bride) was to ward off ghosts and demonic spirits. You wouldn’t want any evil getting at the happy couple, you know? The maid of honor also was supposed to be the woman who had a respectable standing. She represented obedience and the upholding qualities considered in a wife. The woman was basically a role model for the bride. 

Bridesmaid Dresses

 Color – Think the same color but different dresses. Choosing a simple one solid color for your bridesmaid will help the girls look cohesive and stylish. For example at my own wedding I had a burgundy color for my ladies. 

Shoes – Depends on what you would like. Some brides prefer if the ladies wore the same shoes for the photos. Others prefer their ladies to have similar styles of shoe but leave the color up to them. 

Pick one designer – If you want your party to have a more uniform look try choosing the dresses from one designer. Most of the designers do have a verity of dresses within the same color, fabric, and silhouette for you or your bridesmaids to choose from.

Accessories You could gift your bride’s maids a necklace or a pair of earrings that they could wear for the ceremony to make their looks similar. But the choice is totally in  your discretion. 

Short bridesmaid dresses

Planning a summer wedding outdoors? Short dresses are just as elegant and stylish just without the fuss of all that fabric. Easy- to- wear and perfect for any girl in a party. Short dress can complement any occasion including a wedding. 

Sequin bridesmaid dresses

Sleek silhouettes and shimmering all over bringing a throwback to glamour that we all love. Sequins is something you can never have too much of if you want to stand out. From New Year’s Eve to weddings, you cannot go wrong with this look for a bridesmaid. 

It is really important that your ladies feel comfortable and like themselves on your big day. They should not have to fuss with a dress that does not fit their style. Whenever you want to totally mix –and- match a look or go for the same colour for all the ladies as long as they are happy you can be happy too.