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October 2020


Groom Preparation Pointers

Groom preparation is just as important as bridal preparation. The preparation stage is when you have photographers take your photos of you and your bridal party getting ready before heading down to the ceremony on your day. Let’s start by giving you some pointers on preparation.  Tip 1: Tell your groomsmen to come early to


Bridesmaid Dress Advice

Although some brides choose to have the same color for their bridesmaid dresses, ideally some also know that girls also have different body types and styles that best suit them which may not all come in the same color, shade and style. In my experience it was pretty hard to find the same style of


Wedding Do’s & Dont’s’

Planning a wedding is a lot of work, even if you’ve hired a wedding planner and an event coordinator there’s still a lot for the bride and groom to decide. With such a large amount of tasks to complete it’s more than likely that mistakes can be made. Here is a brief, but informative list of the biggest Dos and Don’ts of